A tool that is revolutionizing the paint industry.

We truly believe that this is a must have for painters and will benefit anyone and everyone who uses them.

Super Stackers were born out of a vision by a general contractor who saw the need for a better way to finish doors, especially on job sites.  He was seeing doors standing up vertically attached to one another by stir sticks.  The doors were taking up too much space on the job site.  Other trades would have to work around the doors as the finish was drying.  At times he would notice damage to the doors and the painter would have to take the time to sand and re-finish.

He also noticed that by finishing doors vertically, at times there would be runs in the finish, which would also lead to the painter having to take the time to sand and re-finish.  He recognized that this was costing the painter time and money and was taking up too much space on the job site. Introducing Super Stackers!  After taking everything into consideration, he developed a product that would allow painters to finish all sides of their doors, horizontally, and be able to stack them on top of one another to dry, taking up a lot less space!  He designed and developed a product that would “Save Time, Save Space, and Save Money” and for that we are personally grateful to him! You see, we the owners of Super Stackers are also paint contractors. 

We have owned and operated multiple paint contracting companies over the past 15 years, in Montana.  We now specialize in pre-finishing doors and trim and we use Super Stackers in our business every day!  We know the value that this product has and how it has helped our company to grow.  We have finished literally thousands of doors using the Super Stackers.  Whether we are on site or in our shop, Super Stackers allow us to finish doors and work on other things in the same space without running out of room.  Every time we use them, we know that we are going to get a quality finish on our doors and add to our bottom line.  Super Stackers do what we say they do. 

It is our goal to expose as many painters as possible to the Super Stackers.  Because Super Stackers have been such a blessing to us and our business, we want other painters to have the same option and opportunity that we do for finishing doors . 

Super Stackers are made in the USA, in our home town in Montana!